Saturday, May 30, 2009

*'Sweet Dreams*

Ok, so I had to take a nap earlier. Kids were playing and doing their own thing and hubby was catching up on The Office. *bores me* lol Yes, I needed a nap from staying up so late reading twilight smutty/lemony fanfiction. Guilty here! lol Anyways, I remember in my sleep..hubby kept talking to me. He told me not to be smiling and dreaming about Robert Pattinson. No lie! I was so out of it though that I didnt wake up enough to say know like Bella next to her *space heater*. lol *dies* hahaha Anyways, thanks to my hubby..I had a wonderful dream..teehee...I woke up giggling..hehe..all his fault. He put it in my head. I told him that I would like him to talk to me like that every night so I can have some wonderful dreams about The Sexy Shirtless Robert Pattinson! I put him on my top 5 too. Know what that is???? Hubby started it!!!!! No lie! He has his top 5 of women, that if he comes across them and gets a chance to 'get with them'..he asks me if it ok. So I say of course..cause come on..what are the chances of that EVER! LOL Well, after reading this ff, maybe my dreams can come true!! haha I wouldnt even have to feel guilty like this 'Anna' does in the story. She is cheating on her hubby with the real robert pattinson...ladies..they do naughty things in Edward Cullen's volvo on the set!! Trust is good!!! It is not complete though, but worth reading! lol I suggest you go now and read it..good stuff! Just This Once by just_write