Monday, May 18, 2009

Is Robert Pattinson our Johnny Depp???

Am I right??? Just think about loooooooooooove Johnny Depp, but face it, he is different just like Robert Pattinson. In a good way of course! lol They both have their quirks and weirdness. lol They pick some of the strangest movies to make. lol Even though we might not like the concept of the movie or what it is about, we still watch it. Why, cause they are in it of course. They both have a very different sense of style when it comes to clothes..the hair..ahhhh Face it though, they both tend to have days where they look like it has been forever since they have washed their hair. They both have been accused of not bathing. They smoke, and even though I find that as a turn off, I cant help still finding the both of them sexy. lol Seems they both can play the piano and guitar. Neither one of them has the hard rock bodies..but we still love their kick ass bods! I did read a rumor one time where people were saying that Robert was supposed to play Johnny Depp's little brother in the next pirates flick. Oh how nice that would have been to have them both in the same movie..holy crap...I cant even it is not true. :( Rob has reported to say that he loves the career that Depp has though. THE ONLY THING I CAN SAY, I HOPE PATTINSON CONTINUES ON IN HIS CAREER AND IS AS SUCCESSFUL AS JOHNNY DEPP IF NOT MORE!!! SEE THIS IS WHY ROB IS OUR DEPP!! HEHEHEHHEHEHEH


Anonymous said...

OMG! 2 amazing beautiful men! Ones not even better than the other! They are both gorgeous & talented & sexy as hell!!!!!