Monday, June 1, 2009

Taylor Lautner To Beef Up More For Twilight Saga!


Taylor Lautner: left in Twilight and right in New Moon

Photo by: Summit Entertainment
As the anticipation for the Twilight sequel New Moon and future follow-ups get bigger and bigger, so does Taylor Lautner, who'll be putting on even more bulk for the third film Eclipse.

"Jacob's character is continually growing throughout the series," Lautner told PEOPLE at the MTV Movie Awards Sunday night, "so I got about eight weeks off before I go back again for Eclipse and I'm going to be hitting the gym."

Lautner, 17, already beefed up considerably for his role as the shape shifting werewolf Jacob Black in New Moon after brief behind-the-scenes debate over whether the role should be recast. He said he'll be getting bigger and bigger "until the end of the series," but he looks forward to returning to his normal size.

"When we're done with the Twilight films I'll definitely bulk down and just get lean again because I don't want to stay big and bulky."
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